Surprise Door visit-

For years our surprise door visit has been so popular. For the surprise door visit the pony can be dressed as a pony or unicorn. The child gets to brush the pony/unicorn and get lots of photo opportunities. It also includes a present for the birthday child. This visit last 20 mins. No more than two children.

Price: £50 for a pony/ £55 for a unicorn

Pony experience-

In the pony experience the child gets to learn about the pony. This includes them grooming, picking their hooves out and if there is space leading the pony. It’s the perfect opportunity for them to learn the basics about horses and ponies. This visit is limited to 2 children who will both receive a pony experience certificate. The visit lasts 30 minutes and is for children aged 5 and over.

Price: £60

Unicorn experience-

The unicorn experience includes grooming and decorating our beautiful unicorn. This is different from the surprise door visit as they get to decorate the unicorn as well with ribbons and bows. This visit is limited to 2 children and 1 present is included. An extra can be added. It lasts for 30 minutes.

Price: £65