R&R Therapy Animals-

Therapy is a perfect way for those who need support to feel enjoyment and an connection to a pony. We work with adults and children to help them deal with any problems. The ponies are very well trained. We feel therapy is so important and the ponies truly connect with the adults or children. We do group therapy or individual therapy.

Care Homes-

We offer pony therapy where the ponies comes into the home and meets all the residents. They have special shoes and a nappy that they wear(meaning they can come inside). They are very well trained and love what they do.
It has been shown to be very beneficial for the residents and when we do other homes we find that the people love it. Even if the residents are in bed the pony can come up to their bed so they can stroke them.
I am a registered nurse so have lots of experience with care home. Also fully DBS checked.
Message or call us for more information-07905658817
We have a separate Facebook page for our therapy-Therapy Ponies at R&R