My Name is Rummy but my full name is Leoparsden Medallions Bay Rum. i am only29 inches.I am an American miniature horse My colour is bay and i am a boy. I am best friends with Rosie.I have lived with my owners for 2 years.I have a very sweet ,kind and loving nature so i love kisses and cuddles.

My Name is Rosie but my full name is Condrum Paper Rose.I was born on the 27/07/2005 and i am 30 inches.My colour is grey and i am a girl.I love pink and being dressed up in lots of different colours.I love Rummy my best friend.Every time my family come to see me i whinny and give then cuddles.Me and Rummy love gromming each other when we are itchy.



Hi everyone, 

I set up our family run business and I have loved horses all my life .They have always been party of my life. It wasn't in till my daughter got into horses that we got out own. Since then we have just collected more and more and i couldn't love it more. I am a registered nurse and love children. I have 6 of my own. I am fully DBS checked and Basic life support trained. Rummy was my 40th birthday present and now i have a miniature horse obsession.


Hi my name is Anna and i am Lisa's daughter.After woring with for my little pony parties for four years i joined my mum and become and part of the R&R pony party team.When i was 12 i got my first pony after i had been riding for a number of years.He was called Bob(the horse im riding in the picture).Im currently studying pshycology of human and aniaml behaviour.This is because i love anmial assisted therpay and find it very rewarding.I have lots of expereince running pony parties and love children especially as i am one of 6.


Hi my name is Lydia and I help my mum and sister with the pony parties.My pony is comet and we are just teaching her to jump and we both love it.We rescued comet from the RSPCA and she has been one of the best ponies ever.We have won lots of shows together.I love helping with the pony parties and see the children face when we bring them,