R&R Pony Parties

Thank you for booking a party or event with us. This pack includes everything you need to know about what happens and what you need to do at your event.

  • Pony events are suitable for any age. We can alter our packages to cater for different ages. Babies and toddlers may struggle with some of the activities therefore parents or older children will be required to help them.
  • Safety is very important to ensure everyone has an amazing time. Parents need to be responsible for the children at all times,
  • We will help the children and show them what to do
  • silly behaviour which may frighten the ponies will not be tolerated and that child will not be aloud to take part in the activities
  • Music must be kept quiet
  • Children must have suitable footwear on at all times. No sandals or open toe shoes are to be worn around the pony.
  • No ball games near the pony, no playing with bikes or scooters near the pony and no trampolining.
  • Our ponies must have a suitable area situated away from bouncy castles, trampolines, fairground rides, motorised children’s rides, clay pigeon/target shooting. Although our ponies have seen all of this before and are more than used to it, our insurance company will not cover any claims that could arise from an accident caused by any of these things.
  • We can try to bring a specific pony if requested.we like to rotate the pony so they have lots of rest.
  • No food is to be eaten near the ponies. We advise that the children eat after or before they have been with the pony. Hand washing with soap and water is advised after the children have touched the pony.

When we arrive-

  • We ask that all children are together and quiet ready for the ponies to come. Before the ponies come in one of our team will risk asses the environment. This will be shown to you.
  • When the ponies come in before the children come and the ponies we will have a quick safety. We will advice the children on how to approach and act around the ponies the ponies and how the event will run. We will ensure all children have suitable footwear on.
  • The birthday child will be invited up first to meet the ponies and then the other children will take it in turns to meet the pony.
  • The time scale of the events within the party will alter depending on the age and amount of children.
  • There will be no more than four children around the pony at one time. The children will take turns and will all have a go.
  • When the other children are waiting they need to be quite if they are near the pony. We will organise them when taking turn.
  • Lots of people ask us about the welfare of the horses. We have a running log to prove the welfare of our horses.If you would like to see this please just ask. It is approved by government authorities.
  • If the weather turns we have a gazebo.
  • If you have glitter or tattoos included in your package. We just need a chair and table to sit at. If possible please set it up before we comeI

RandR Ponies license number: CE/AE13/280322 For our welfare license.  This ensures we care for our ponies and they are very well looked after.We have a running log to ensure this. If anyone would like to see our log you are very welcome. This license is issued from east Cheshire council. We are fully insured and CRB checked.