For christenings its really hard to have a set package. This means we let you make your own package.
You can pick anything you want to combine from this list.Then we will give you a price.
-One Pony
-Two Ponies
-Tattoos and glitter makeup
-Our new photo frame
-spider man
-Sweet cones
-Goody bags
Then chooses if you would like 30mins,45mins or 1 hour.
For example we can do one pony, a princess with our new photo frame for £140 for 45 mins.


Our Wedding packages are perfect for the children and beautiful pictures.We have flower garlands for the pony's to wear.Weddings start from £100.Message us for more information

Gender revels/Baby showers

For our gender revels we can let the ponies race round a track the winner is the baby's gender.One pony in pink and one in blue.Or which ever pony turns up to your event is the baby's gender.WE have a pink flower garland and a blue flower garlands.

School fairs 


we can bring ponies to your school fairs with no up front costs for schools.We give 15% of profits to the school.Children can groom the ponies for £2 for 5 mins.Message for more information.